Axon Sports cognitive training products are based on the latest neuroscience research of how athletes use their brain for playing sports.


Axon Sports Elite training labs are located world wide for professional athletes and teams. Axon labs are not only used in sports but are also utilized for research and development for the medical and pharmaceutical industries.


Athletes can get advanced cognitive training anywhere with the Axon Sports iPad apps for Baseball and Football.


Cogstate, the parent company of Axon Sports, is a worldwide leader in assessing and monitoring an athlete's cognition both before and after a serious head injury. Go To Axon Sports Concussion Management and begin testing.


Axon Sports and GSK Human Performances Lab Announce Strategic Partnership


PHOENIX, AZ - (December 3rd, 2013) - Axon Sports has today announced it has formed a partnership with the London-based GSK Human Performance Lab, a world-class research and training facility focused on elite athletes.


Under the agreement, Axon Sports has made available its suite of advanced cognitive training aids for use by the facility, which was opened by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) in October 2013, and in related training programs.


The GSK Human Performance Lab is a global centre for excellence that is dedicated to deepening understanding of human performance across six core areas - strength, stamina, hydration, metabolism, recovery and cognition.


Axon Sports president Jason Sada said it was a huge fillip that the Company's cognition technology had been selected to underpin this work and for use in related elite-level training and support programs.


"At Axon Sports, we are focused on discovering the role of the brain in achieving superior athletic performances and developing innovative tools to train the unique cognitive tasks that are required," Mr Sada said.


"We are very proud to be partnering with the team at the GSK Human Performance Lab to understand and assist elite athletes in their complete body-brain preparation."











Associate Professor of Learning Systems Design & Technology
Southern Illinois University.


Professor Fadde's research focuses on training expertise and expert performance, broadly defined. His earlier work in the mental dimensions of sports performance in football, baseball, softball, and tennis to examine how expertise-based training can work in other professional domain areas.


Director, Brain Imaging Center
Adjunct Professor in the Departments of Neurology


Professor Frey's research interests are twofold: understand the cognitive, sensory and motor mechanisms that make uniquely human movement behaviors possible, and use this knowledge to develop more effective, neurally-motivated, rehabilitation strategies. His approach is to seek convergence in data gathered through a variety of different techniques including: functional and structural MRI, transcranial magnetic stimulation, and behavioral studies of healthy, brain- or bodily-injured populations.


Professor of Education and Graduate Medical Sciences
Boston University


Dr. Leonard Zaichkowsky is a licensed psychologist who specializes in sport, exercise and performance psychology. His current research focuses on the regulation of performance stress using biofeedback, understanding the neural bases of elite performance and the development of expert performance across domains. He has consulted with the U.S., Canadian and Australian Olympic Organizations, teams in the NBA, MLB, NHL and NFL, and with Real Madrid and several English Premier League soccer teams. After 37 years as professor at Boston University, he is now an international consultant in Sport and Performance Science.


Chief Science Officer, CogState
Professor, Centre for Neuroscience
University of Melbourne, Australia


Professor Maruff is a neuropsychologist with expertise in the identification and measurement of subtle behavioral and cognitive dysfunction. His research integrates conventional and computerized neuropsychological testing with cognitive neuroscientific methods to guide decision making in drug development and in clinical medicine. He has worked extensively on method to identify subtle neurocognitive impairment, and to assess the efficacy of pharmacological treatment, in Alzheimer's disease, mild cognitive impairment and the HIV dementia complex.


Professor of Psychology Head of Centre for Sports Science & Human Performance University of Greenwich, UK

Professor Ward is internationally known for his pioneering research on perceptual-cognitive skill in elite sports and other dynamic domains, such as law enforcement and the military. He has published over 100 publications in the field of Expert Cognition and Training, including a recent co-authored book entitled Accelerated Expertise: Training for High Proficiency in a Complex World. He serves on the editorial board for the journal, Human Factors, and for the Journal of Sport & Exercise Psychology. His research has been featured on Nature Online, NPR talk radio, BBC, and in ESPN magazine.


Our football apps help athletes improve their decision making and rapid reaction skills specifically for the football field. Take your training home with Axon Sports apps available in the iTunes store.
We partnered with the most innovative and performance focused baseball minds in the game to deliver the best cognitive training tools for baseball players. Train your Pitch Recognition and Pitch Location skills with Axon Sports baseball apps.
We partnered with the most innovative and performance focused baseball minds in the game to deliver the best cognitive training tools for baseball players. Train your Pitch Recognition and Pitch Location skills with Axon Sports baseball apps.




Axon Sports Elite Training systems are installed at Human Performance Labs, Training Centers and College/Professional Team Facilities throughout the United States and in the UK. These systems provide college and professional athletes advanced cognitive training tools and technology as part of a complete program for cognitive skill development. Axon Sports System Specialists work directly with the organization's coaching staff and trainers to understand and design a custom training environment specific to the facilities unique strategy and terminology. Each athlete receives a baseline assessment on core and sport-specific cognitive skills, followed by an individualized training plan designed to build on strengths and improve weaknesses. The coaching staff and performance improvement specialists receive regular reports on athlete progress.



Combining high-definition touch screen monitors with coordinated lighting and sound, Axon Sports creates an ideal cognitive training environment. Athletes can train their bodies in the weight room and on the practice field, and then train their brains using the Axon Sports systems.


When away from the team training facility, Axon Sports' cognitive training programs can go mobile with athletes using the same advanced software. What used to be a few repetitions on the practice field can now be thousands of mental reps with Axon Sports.