Frequently Asked Questions about Concussion Testing and Axon Sports

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  • About: Concussions
    • What is a concussion?
    • How does a concussive injury occur?
    • What actually happens in a concussion?
    • What advice is usually given to Athletes after a concussion?
    • What are the most common signs of concussion?
    • What are the most common symptoms of concussion?
    • Are concussions still assigned levels or grades of severity?
    • What do I do if I suspect that an Athlete has been concussed?
    • Is it okay for a newly concussed Athlete to sleep?
    • How does an Athlete know if he/she has or has had a concussion?
    • Does a normal CT or MRI scan mean that an Athlete is not concussed?
    • What is Second Impact Syndrome?
    • What is the Sport Concussion Assessment Tool (SCAT)?
    • What is the SCAT2?
  • About: Axon Sports and the CCAT
    • Who is CogState?
    • If I have CogState test data, do I have to migrate testing information to the Axon Sports System or can I simply start fresh?
    • What is the difference between the Axon Sports CCAT and the SCAT?
    • What is the Axon Sports Computerized Cognitive Assessment Tool?
    • Is there scientific evidence to support the use of the Axon Sports CCAT in concussion management?
    • Why does Axon Sports recommend Baseline tests for all Athletes?
    • Why is it recommended that an Athlete complete an acceptable Baseline every year?
    • Why does the Axon Sports CCAT need to know my dominant hand?
    • Does the Axon Sports CCAT determine if an Athlete has suffered a concussion?
    • Does the Axon Sports CCAT prevent an Athlete from sustaining a concussion?
    • Is the Axon Sports CCAT a neuropsychological test?
    • Why measure thinking to help manage concussion?
    • How does the Axon Sports CCAT measure thinking after a head injury?
    • What types of thinking does the Axon Sports CCAT Tool measure?
    • Do the test results indicate an Athlete's intelligence?
    • Can the Axon Sports CCAT diagnose brain or thinking problems in people?
  • About: Making a purchase, Test Credits and Vouchers
    • What is Easy Link and how does it work?
    • What is your customer satisfaction policy?
    • How much does each Baseline test cost?
    • How much does each After Injury test cost?
    • What is a test credit?
    • What is a voucher?
    • How do I create a voucher?
    • How do I distribute a voucher?
    • How do I accept a Voucher?
    • What happens when the Athlete accepts a Voucher?
    • Should an Athlete accept vouchers from individuals or organizations he/she doesn't know?
    • If an Athlete has test credits available and a friend or team member does not, can that person take a test under the Athlete's account?
    • Do test credits expire?
    • Can I convert a Baseline test credit to an After Injury test credit?
  • About: Baseline and After Injury Tests
    • What is a Baseline test?
    • What is an After Injury test?
    • Is there any difference between the Baseline and After Injury tests?
    • What is an acceptable Baseline?
    • How do I know if my Baseline is acceptable?
    • How many times do you need to take the test to get an acceptable Baseline?
    • Does experience taking the test lead to better performance?
    • How will learning disabilities affect performance on the Axon Spots CCAT?
  • About: Taking the Test
    • Can I use the Axon Sports CCAT if I am deaf or hearing-impaired?
    • How many times should I take a Practice test?
    • What are the Axon Sports CCAT tasks measuring?
    • When testing, how many Athletes can I supervise at one time?
    • Where did the Practice test go?
    • Do I need special conditions in which to take the test?
    • Do I need special computer equipment to take the test?
    • Can I take the Axon Sports test on an Apple computer?
    • Will taking several Practice tests enable an Athlete to perform better on a Baseline or an After Injury test?
    • When completing a test, can I take a break between or during any of the four tasks?
    • Is it best to take the Baseline test before practice or a game so I’m in my ’’play sports’’ mode of thinking?
    • Who should supervise the test – does it need an expert?
    • Who is considered a responsible adult for test supervision purposes?
    • What if I am not familiar with playing cards?
    • Can you do the test if you are color blind?
    • How often do I need to take a Baseline test for concussion management?
    • Can I use the Axon Sports CCAT if I have been injured but have not taken a Baseline test?
    • What is a dominant hand?
    • Does it matter which finger I use while pressing the “Yes/No” buttons during the test?
    • What if I've had an injury to my hand/finger when I want to take the Baseline test?
    • What if I’ve had an injury to my hand/finger when I want to take the After Injury test?
    • Can I use the mouse to make my responses during the test?
    • How does an Athlete know when it's time to take an After Injury test?
  • About: Test Results
    • What is the difference between a Simplified and an Advanced report? (Test Results)
    • Can I give other staff members the ability to view the test results of Athletes that I treat?
    • What is a Certificate of Completion?
    • What does “acceptable” mean for a test result?
    • How will this test show that I am ready to return to play or go back to my classes?
    • How will an Athlete know when it is safe to return to play?
    • Does Axon Sports archive all test results – the invalid and the acceptable?
    • How will I know if my performance on an After Injury test has changed from my Baseline test results?
    • While color blindness doesn’t matter when I take the test, does it matter when I review my results?
  • About: Privacy
    • What is a Fair Use agreement?
    • If an Athlete takes a test, can other people be linked to view the Athlete’s test results?
    • What does Axon Sports do with the information it collects?
    • Who has access to the Athlete's test results?
    • How long does Axon Sports archive test results?
    • Should an Athlete accept vouchers from individuals or organizations he/she doesn't know?
    • Is it possible to keep test results private?
    • Does Axon Sports share test results with insurance companies?
  • About: My Account/Account Profile
    • Why do I need a user ID?
    • As a Parent, when do I release a dependent Athlete?
    • As a Parent, can I merge my current Athlete accounts into a "family" account?
    • Why does a Parent or Guardian need an account?
    • Why or when should a dependent Athlete have a password?
    • When I release a dependent Athlete, will I still be able to see their test results?
    • Should my younger Athlete have an account of their own, or should I put them as a dependent Athlete under my own account? What's the difference?
    • What if I use both hands equally (how do I answer my profile question)?
    • Who manages the Axon Sports account – School, Doctor, Athlete or Parent?
    • If an Athlete has a Baseline test on file at school and was told it was good for two years, does the Athlete need to complete another Baseline with Axon Sports?

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