More about Athlete Concussion Testing and the Cogstate CCAT

Cogstate addresses the current movement in Athlete concussion testing by providing an online and affordable Computerized Cognitive Assessment Tool. 

Schools, leagues and clubs conduct Baseline testing to help protect their Athletes' health and safety. A preseason Baseline test (also called cognitive, neurocognitive, or neuropsychological test) establishes an Athlete's brain speed and accuracy. If a concussion is suspected, under the care of a qualified Medical Provider, the Athlete takes an After Injury test. The results are compared to help identify change in cognition. This is important because cognitive recovery often lags behind other symptoms of concussion. 

The Cogstate CCAT makes testing easy, convenient and affordable. It is one of many tools that qualified Medical Providers use to determine the appropriate return to play/return to classroom timeframe for Athletes after they’ve experienced head injuries. 

About the Test

A Baseline test measures current cognitive performance.  It's a snapshot of processing speed, working memory, attention, and accuracy. An After Injury test detects changes from that Baseline performance. 

The tasks feature playing cards which are universally understood regardless of language or age.  Your commitment is limited to your best effort and  eight to 10 minutes of your time. The test is easily administered, conveniently available online, and doesn’t require any special equipment or software. Results are available immediately and the test is repeatable without concern for practice effects. 

The tasks are:

  1. Has the Card Turned Over? - This simple reaction time task asks you to identify when a card has turned from face-down to face-up. The task is a measure of processing speed and simple attention.
  2. Is the Card Red? – This task asks you to indicate if a card is red or black. The task is a measure of decision-making speed (or choice reaction time), vigilance, attention and concentration.
  3. Have You Seen this Card Before In this Task? – This task requires you to choose whether or not a playing card has been shown previously during the task. The task is a measure of new learning and memory, and is considered a higher level task.
  4. Is the Previous Card the Same? – This task asks you to identify if the current face-up card matches the previous card. The task is a measurement of working memory.
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