Biodex and Cogstate tackle best practice Baseline testing for concussion management

Upgrade your concussion management program with Biodex, Concussion Health and Cogstate. Combine best practices in Baseline testing--Cognitive through Cogstate and Balance through Biodex Medical Systems Inc., a leader in sports medicine and rehabilitation.

Biodex teamed up with Concussion Health to develop its unique concussion management program.  It brings together both cognitive and functional assessment using best practices to quantify the components of balance before an injury occurs. The program starts with balance testing on the Biodex Balance System SD or Portable BioSway. Just like cognitive testing, the data generated by computerized assessment provides objective results against which after-injury performance can be compared. Even for those facilities that have concussion programs in place, the Biodex program adds the vital vestibular and objective balance assessment so important in concussion assessment. 

Preseason Baseline Testing
The ability to quantify balance and cognitive function in Athletes before an injury occurs is an important consideration in a comprehensive concussion management program. The objective data provided by computerized assessments provides a performance Baseline against which after-injury performance can be compared.

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