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  • Korrio and Axon Sports Release Concussion Awareness Survey

    2/14/2012: Survey of youth soccer coaches reveals knowledge gap between concussion awareness and safety measures for players; suggests more education is needed for Baseline testing and other concussion management best practices.

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    Survey Results

  • US Youth Soccer and Axon Sports Bring Affordable Concussion Management to Leagues, Clubs and Teams

    2/7/2012: Axon Sports CCAT helps Medical Providers manage concussions; facilitate the safe return of players to the field

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  • Korrio Teams with Axon Sports to Empower Families with Easy Access to Concussion Management Tool

    1/11/2012: Leading sports automation platform provider integrates cognitive test into registration process, kicks off pilot program with youth soccer clubs.

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  • SportsSignup and Axon Sports Partner to Provide Online Concussion Management Tools for Youth Sports

    12/22/2011: System will make educational content and online Baseline testing more accessible to Athletes and their families to help qualified Medical Providers make return-to-play decisions.

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  • Korrio Teams Up with Axon Sports to Raise Awareness about Concussion Risk in Youth Soccer

    10/17/2011: Korrio, developer of the 21st-century sports automation platform Playflow™, announces a partnership with Axon Sports, providers of the Computerized Cognitive Assessment Tool (CCAT), a breakthrough testing system used by Athletes and their families to assist qualified Medical Providers in caring for Athletes after suspected concussions and making critical return-to-play decisions.

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  • Axon Sports Expands, Launches New Web Site

    7/22/2011: Axon Sports announces a new web site for its Canadian customers,

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  • Toyota Announces Sponsorship of Axon Sports Roll-Out in Australia

    7/1/2011: Offers Baseline tests for concussion management to 130 Australian Rules Football Clubs through its Good for Footy Program.

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  • Axon Potential Will Create Products to Train the Athletic Brain

    5/3/2011: Axon Potential is a new venture devoted to exploring the intersection of sports and neuroscience.

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  • Peterborough Youth Sports Concussion Program

    4/27/2011: Peterborough (Ontario) Youth Sports Concussion Program, the first of its kind in Canada, announces a collaboration between Primary Care Providers and specialists to establish standardized guidelines for concussion management. The program will feature the Axon Sports Computerized Cognitive Assessment Tool (CCAT).

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  • Axon Sports Baseline Tests for Concussions Promotion

    4/10/2011: Axon Sports will give away 25,000 cognitive Baseline tests to schools, clubs and youth sports associations across America – 100 sets of 250 tests. The announcement underscores the company’s commitment to broaden access to Baseline testing as an important tool in the evaluation and management of sports-related concussions.

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  • Eastbay and Axon Sports Partner to Raise Awareness of Sports-Related Concussions

    3/28/2011: In recognition of National Brain Injury Awareness Month, Eastbay and Axon Sports announce a partnership to increase awareness of sports-related concussions and the role of Baseline testing as part of an Athlete’s overall preseason preparation.

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  • Defender Mouthguard

    2/10/2011: Defender Mouthguard announces its Concussion Awareness and Management Program, Defender C.A.M.P, will feature Axon Sports cognitive Baseline tests.

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  • Dr. James Moriarity Joins Axon Sports as a Sports Medicine Consultant

    8/9/2010: Axon Sports appoints James Moriarity, M.D., to the role of Sports Medicine Consultant for Axon Sports.

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    Concussion Management: A Sports Medicine Perspective for Parents

  • In-Home Concussion Assessment Tool Empowers Parents of Student-Athletes

    8/8/2010: Axon Sports introduces its breakthrough testing system--the Axon Sports CCAT. This online program measures cognitive function in Athletes and is used by Medical Providers to aid concussion treatment and Return-to-Play decisions.

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  • The Role of CogState in Axon Sports

    8/4/2010: An open letter from CogState co-Founders David Darby and Paul Maruff

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